About Scrypter

Scrypter was founded in 2011 under the technical expertise of online advertising veteran, Mark McEachran. We spent two years in careful planning and development. Interfaces were conceived and reconceived; code was written and thrown away; designs were produced, refined and scrapped until the right formula of ease of use and superb functionality emerged.

The idea was simple: tell a story with social media. Big brands, small brands, authors, movie studios and entrepreneurs are all aiming for the same target. They need to tell and sell their stories. Imagine a movie where there’s only one actor in the shot at a time. Consider a book that only has one paragraph per chapter. This is what it’s like to manage social media today. The existing tools for constructing a great narrative have fallen short. Scrypter was designed, from the ground up, to solve this problem.

Scrypter uses a elegantly simple interface to bring classic script writing to the modern media. Instead of writing a post, choosing your date and time for deployment, and then choosing your social media outlets… you just write. With Scrypter you just log in, choose your script and start writing. Timing your deployment schedule is simple and obvious, and social media accounts can be adjusted in real-time or after you’ve finished.

Armed with Scrypter the modern marketer, brand manager, author and entrepreneur can manage their social media as easily as they manage their date book.

Who's on the Scrypter crew?

Mark McEachran, President & CEO.

For nearly 20 years Mark has been an innovator in online advertising and marketing. He championed some of the earliest online advertising technology, founded his own email marketing enterprise, and worked on breakthrough innovations at one of the largest online display advertising companies. Scrypter is, by far, his favorite project.

In his spare time he works on his great American novel; he's an avid runner and a novice bartender.

Justin "Gus" Knowlden, CTO.

Gus has been directly involved in Chicago-land's technology startup world for over 15 years. Prior to Scrypter Gus was CTO for CareRunner (acquired by CareZone in 2012), he managed and lead the initial development team at Centro, and provided development leadership for MyPoints from its inception (purchased by United Air Lines in 2001). Gus is also currently leading development at another Chicago-land startup, BrightTag.

When Gus isn't working he's either still coding, playing dodgeball, not running, or enjoying beer he didn't have to make.

Jean-Jacques "J-J" de Roover, UX.

J-J is a producer, having wrangled production from everything from toy design and development, to rock tours, to traveling circuses, to the web. He has worked in entertainment and content publishing, online marketing, e-commerce, and, most recently, a financial institution.

When he's not making things happen there or Scrypter, he has his own (soon-to-be-released) startup, designs furniture, and mixes cocktails.

Jon Tetzlaff, Front-End

Jon is a UI mixmaster with roots on a very popular sporting goods site. His slick glyphs keep our workflow goin'. No challenge is too extreme, it seems. He's taken up with this band of entrepreneurs, no small feat.

He's a big gamer at heart, and he's just getting started on his own adventure. World travel is on his agenda, he'll be using Scrypter to keep everyone in the loop.